Appellate Practice

Appellate law is a crucial aspect of the legal process, serving as a means for businesses, manufacturers, and employers to seek review and remedy when faced with unfavorable judgments or legal rulings. Rynearson, Suess, Schnurbusch & Champion (RSSC) is a distinguished law firm with a strong focus on appellate advocacy in Missouri and Illinois, dedicated to representing the interests of its clients in appellate courts and pursuing favorable outcomes on their behalf.

Appellate law involves the review of decisions made by lower courts or administrative agencies, with the goal of challenging legal errors, clarifying legal principles, and securing justice for clients. RSSC’s appellate attorneys possess the experience, skill, and tenacity necessary to navigate the complexities of appellate procedure and effectively advocate for their clients’ interests.

One of the key strengths of RSSC’s appellate practice is its ability to represent businesses, manufacturers, and other employers across a diverse range of industries. Whether challenging adverse rulings in commercial disputes, product liability cases, employment matters, or regulatory enforcement actions, the firm’s attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to craft persuasive legal arguments and present them effectively before appellate courts.

In Missouri and Illinois, RSSC’s appellate attorneys are intimately familiar with the procedural rules and substantive law governing appellate practice. They understand the intricacies of appellate jurisdiction, standards of review, and procedural requirements, enabling them to navigate the appellate process with precision and efficiency.

Appellate advocacy requires a comprehensive understanding of the facts and legal issues involved in each case, as well as the ability to distill complex arguments into clear and persuasive written and oral presentations. RSSC’s appellate attorneys excel in crafting appellate briefs that succinctly summarize the relevant facts and legal principles, identify errors made by lower courts or agencies, and present compelling arguments in support of their clients’ positions.

In addition to written advocacy, RSSC’s appellate attorneys are skilled oral advocates who effectively present their clients’ cases before appellate panels. They possess the poise, confidence, and persuasive ability necessary to address appellate judges’ questions and concerns, and to advocate forcefully for their clients’ interests during oral argument.

RSSC’s appellate practice extends beyond merely challenging adverse judgments; the firm also provides strategic guidance to clients seeking to preserve favorable rulings or shape the development of the law in their favor. This may involve filing amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs in cases with broader implications for their clients’ industries or interests, or advising clients on potential appeals or responses to appeals filed by opposing parties.

Furthermore, RSSC’s appellate attorneys work closely with trial counsel to develop and implement appellate strategies from the outset of litigation. By collaborating with trial counsel to preserve issues for appeal, identify potential appellate issues, and anticipate appellate challenges, the firm helps ensure that its clients’ interests are protected at every stage of the litigation process.

In conclusion, appellate law plays a critical role in the legal system, providing businesses, manufacturers, and employers with a mechanism to challenge adverse judgments, clarify legal principles, and secure justice. Rynearson, Suess, Schnurbusch & Champion is a trusted advocate for its clients in appellate courts in Missouri and Illinois, with a proven track record of success in appellate advocacy. Whether challenging adverse rulings, preserving favorable judgments, or shaping the development of the law, RSSC’s appellate attorneys provide skilled and effective representation to their clients, ensuring that their interests are protected and advanced on appeal.

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