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general liabilitySome cases are just unique. They can't be easily placed into a category. That usually means that new law will be made at some point if they can't be resolved. When our clients have big, serious cases or ones they just don't know how to evaluate, they come to us and the hundreds of years' worth of litigation experience represented by our lawyers.

  • When a kick-boxing match being held at a local hotel ballroom went seriously wrong leaving one of the participants brain damaged and waiting for an ambulance it was our firm that the client turned to for help.
  • When the wife committed suicide and her sister discovered the body and then sued the husband for negligence in failing to keep her from observing this "dangerous condition" it was one of our attorneys who was called in to sort out the law and defend the husband.
  • When four people were found dead on a yacht at Lake of the Ozarks due to apparent carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty electric generator, it was one of our lawyers who was asked to defend the marine mechanics who last worked on the generator.
  • When the Canadian manufacturer of a Cobalt radiotherapy machine that was sold to the Republic of Panama was sued in St. Louis County by the surviving relatives of over-radiated cancer patients, it was one of our attorneys who got the matter dismissed on four different attempts to bring suit in Missouri and Texas and is now working with local Panamanian counsel to defend the client in that country.