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workers' compensationThe purpose of the Workers' Compensation system is to fairly and efficiently provide injured workers with the compensation to which they are entitled. Sometimes that is difficult to do. Almost ten years after the 2005 statutory reforms to the Missouri Workers' Compensation Act we are still dealing with the fallout from changes in the statute's wording and philosophy. The Act went from being "liberally construed" to "strict construction." Since that time the courts have had to reinterpret what injuries are covered by the Act and what persons or entities are protected by the Act's exclusive remedy provision. We have new law on what constitutes a "prevailing factor" and very recent changes regarding the standard for when a terminated or demoted employee can bring a statutory action for retaliation against his or her employer. In this ever-changing landscape you need lawyers who know the law.


But getting a fast and fair determination in the Workers' Compensation system is not just based on a knowledge of the law, it is based on a knowledge of local practices and a working relationship with the Administrative Law Judges, Division staff and other attorneys who you must interact with on a daily basis. It is for this reason that we limit our geographical practice in Workers' Compensation to Eastern and Central Missouri where our attorneys practice every day. We know the law. We know the people. We do great legal work for our clients. If you insure employers for Workers' Compensation or if you are an employer who self-insures their work comp exposure and need a law firm that understands Missouri Workers'Compensation, then we are here to help. Contact Michael Margherio who leads our Workers' Compensation Team.